Monday, February 17, 2014

Vomit Violence - S/T & DEMO 2013

Vomit Violence - Self Titled
1. Some Kinda Feelin'
2. You're Not Vegan Straight Edge (and I'm Telling Everyone)
3. Skate and Destroy
4. Pancake Fever
6. My Dad Was a Nazi
7. I'm Not Pooping, I'm Just Satan
8. Not Hippie's Mafia
9. Shrek The Ogre (Gives Me No Boners)

Vomit Violence - Demo 2013
1. Black Sheep
2. Capitalist Cat
3. I Hate My Life

Hardcore punk - 541 - Eugene, Oregon! 

Vomit Violence is fucking insane! 

The first time and only time I've had the chance to see them live was at ACxDC's Northwest Tour in Salem. The same date we had ACxDC, Vomit Violence, and many more been booked in lil ole' Bend OR, but Bend City and the police decided to shut us down. 

And so friends of ours, including Traydon and Elle of VV, and many others, helped relocate the entire gig to the Val Cave in Salem. Those of us in Momp are always gonna be grateful to those who saved that show!

VV brought a big ass pit and got funky with an old school cover. I have a picture in my head of a heapin ton o' punkers pogo-ing around a backyard in Salem! They had a great, hard hitting, set and were talented, awesome people! You can't ask for any more than that!

I consider them recording rockstars as well. I love how much noise they incorporate, and all the different samples. In the end however, it's all topped off by their own brand of straight up, chugging, mosh worthy, hardcore punk!

They are unsigned and are very prevalent in Eugene along with many others! 
Now I've said what I've said, and I can't come up with any other way to describe this band, right now, other than suits on breakfast (AND OGRES)!

Please give them a listen, a Like on facebook, and go see them when you get the chance!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Krieghammer - The Only Way Out Is Through Death

Krieghammer - The Only Way Out Is Through Death
1. Alone In The Forest
2. Lighter Shade Of Black
3. Krieghammer
4. Ode
5. Say No To Christ
6. Cries Of Pain

Raw. Uncut. Heads rolling of ones shoulders. These are the Kriegs. Or Krieghammer I should say. They are our state capital's cry of suicidal depressive black metal. These guys are are Queegueg Krieg on drums and Asgeir "Pugsly" Krieg on guitar/vox/midi. We met Pugsly when the ACxDC show in Bend, got moved to Salem. At first we didn't know who he was, but he instantly became good friends, and has been a supporter of MOMP. So here we have it! Krieghammer's first demo! Like I said, raw, suicidal, depressive, and pissed off but also cute, like cute in the way where punks run around with machetes and cut off the heads of dickbags.

Have a listen :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hog's Breath - Chronicide

Hog's Breath - Chronicide
1. Chronicide (Rehearsal Session)
2. Hooker Sonata
3. Working Slave

Get ready for a pure stoned out raw crusty mud bath of a good time. This is Hog's Breath featuring Preston Krull on guitar/vox, Joe Becker on drums, & Max Halderman on bass.
This band is raw and real! They will make you feel things and think stuff you have never concieved.
Really though! They are loud and doom driven and will probably be playing live soon! 
This download is of their Chronicide (rehearsal session) as well as two other tracks featured on their bandcamp page. Give them a listen and keep yer ear tuned for shows!

Gravewitch - Demo 2013

Gravewitch - Demo 2013
1. The Battle Lives On
2. The Once Sacred Gift Of Life
3. Reign Of Death
4. Black Hole
5. Gravewitch
6. Witchhunter

And out of the ashes of old rises a rotten form of renwed life.
Meet Gravewitch. Bend's newest blackened thrash metal outfit featuring Andrew Ingraham on drums and Chris Fleming on guitar/vocals. You may remember Chris from Gotama.
These two will tear your freaking hearts out and they are youngsters also! These kids shred harder than some adults I see trying to be metallica in a bar band.
Kudos to these two for having the vileness to create such amazing sounds!

Listen to their demo here:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Of Daedra - Never Again EP & Stagnation Demo

Book of Daedra - Never Again EP & Stagnation Demo

Here's a new friend to Middle Oregon Metal & Punk. We met Pugsly in Salem at the ACxDC show that had to be moved from Bend because of the city and the police. Fuck em. Anyways! Pugsly is an enthusiastic musician and an awesome guy and it was definitely cool to meet him and hang out. However little did I know that he was the guy who put together Book of Daedra, which I had fun months earlier on the crust-demos blog. This is super raw, black metal/crust with melodic parts at times and awesome samples. Give it a listen and check out his Book of Daedra of facebook!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Versklaven - Self Titled Debut LP

Versklaven - S/T Debut LP
1. Baptism Of Fire
2. Fragile Egomaniac
3. Mad Arab
4. Bloody Fingers
5. God In Sin

For those who were super stoked to catch Versklaven come through Bend; We're sorry that they couldn't make it this time around! Here's their debut LP. This band is from Houston, Texas and is pure Sacrilege (uk) worship! They should be touring again later in the year and they said they would love to come to Bend! We are ready!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gotama - Demo 2013

Gotama - Demo 2013
1. Gotama
2. Cat Piss
3. Best Buds
4. The Ascetic
5. Unto The Abyss
6. The Mountain of Madness

Are you shitting me? This is coming out of Bend?
Meet Gotama. They share members with what was Bastard Cat, and now is Gotama. Give it up for these fine young gentlemen. There's real talent here. Stoner grooves with attitude, soundscapes that lay on visionry of hallucinations and divinations! There is no relent. Just pure thc fueled madness here. Give them a listen for sure.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

World Of Lies - Thorns

World Of Lies - Thorns
1. Thorns
2. Wrong Tools For The Trade
3. A Life Of Misery
4. The Struggle Continues
5. The Process Of Rotting
6. Carcass Melody

From Portland, here is World Of Lies! This EP: Thorns. Through out the album are contributons by artists from Toe Tag, Among The Decayed, and Wormwood. This is a great release. Really awesome progressions that aren't typical of oregon death metal. In other words, it thrashes the death right into your black little heart.
Give it a listen and check these guys current tour!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jerry's Middle Finger - Motherfreakensee demo

Jerry's Middle Finger - Motherfreakensee Demo
31 Tracks

Introducing Jerry's Middle Finger. Here's a prime example of what the wasteland of Middle Oregon is producing. While everybody else is hot to run down to Drake Park in Bend and play some acoustic, these guys are making art! JMF is two guys: Dan Waldbillig on drums and Matt Sample on guitar.
Lots of experimentation here. Also elements of post-hardcore. This demo is basically one big jam. You're going to hear things you wouldn't expect to hear, for sure. Don't miss out on this band though! They make some awesome tunes. Also check out Dan's former project: FuckD Up Cup. You can find it here. Enjoy!